Monday, May 27, 2019


Consider this:

This is what would best describe RWS tactic these past decades.   They hide behind bushes, hide behind white hoods, hide behind double entendre words, hid behind double entendre illusions.  Very deceptive. But they are depending on the rest of the white world to play along with them and stay silent.  While the African American world goes into disarray.

Some, who don't will to see anything wrong, who have invested too much in keeping their eyes shut tight in order to get through life unscaithed (they hope), will not see anything. They will duly react to the illusion and play along.

Others will see the whole picture and raise hell about the real picture only having to explain and re-explain, and explain again to people who don't want to understand.

This is what happened when the Bill Cosby trial.  Bill Cosby had successfully settled out of court whatever it was that he had between those ladies.  But when the various white celebrities were caught with their pants down, they made sure Bill Cosby was dragged back out into the spotlight and used as a whipping boy.  There was even a special man who ran for prosecutor under the slogan that he'll get Cosby behind bars.  He ran on that platform.  It was a whole platform to get Cosby. And that was enough for him to win.

This was also the case with R. Kelly.  Many in the Black community had decried the things R. Kelly had done to under-aged girls.  But the white world was uninterested.  They eventually had a trial and found him not guilty.  But when  it was convenient, even if it was 20 years later, they were able to drag him out and flash him all over the news as the whipping boy to replace the the Ed Bucks, the Harvey Weinsteins, of the world.

But it goes farther than that.   There was a psychological experiment that was done long ago -- and this may be the beginning of it all.  In this experiment, they took a group of Black children and a white authority figure asked them to pick the "good doll."  They had to choose between a black doll and a white doll.  All the children dutifully picked the white doll and were left holding the doll.  They were also asked to pick the "ugly doll" and they dutifully picked the black doll.  This was a blatant, hurtful experiment to not only draw those children's psychosis to the forefront of their mind and to leave it there, but to present this to the Black public and watch them eat it, and not protest or get outraged.  No therapy was given to the children afterwards, no corrections were made.  And most of all, nothing was given to the Black audience watching.  This was "all systems go."  With trickery and deception, they could bring racism to the forefront and no one would know to react.  Was this experiment on the Black children?  Or on the Black adults?  True, the children were all left, basically, psychologically holding the white doll.  But also the adults were all left with a two framed picture in which they had to chose which one they wanted to see.

And there are many more examples of how the whiteStream media frames the news, if its a black person, its a thug, if its a white -- no matter the atrocity of his crime -- its a ":father of two" or "regular guy."  The most recent illusion is the OK hand signal.

To those lost in their illusions, it may seem like a simple benign hand gesture that means Okay.  But to those who are aware, they know it is used as white Nationalist, alt-right, racist symbol.

Its really amazing that they spend hours of their days thinking up these ways to hurt, deceive and trick.  Like demons or gremlins.  But they are doing what comes natural to them.  Its up to use to regain the right sense to get away from them.  It's no wonder we have trust issues.  How will these trust issues resolve themselves if we live in the midst of devils? In the midst of trickery and pranks?